Improving Dealer Relationships

From the desk of Nate Burnett, Director of Leasing:

Harvest is winding down in this part of the country, and our ag customers are thinking about 2017 equipment and farm plans.  We've talked in the past about how important dealer relationships are to our leasing portfolio at FOCUS Bank.  I wanted to share with you a new venture we are working on with a local center pivot irrigation dealer.  In 2017, Mid-Valley Irrigation, will launch a new pivot refurbishment program.  Their plan is to completely overhaul existing pivots with all new "guts".  The major structure will remain, but new parts, nozzles, panels, etc will be installed.  In essence, the customer will have a new pivot for about 1/2 the price of a purchasing a new pivot.  We will be assisting with the lease financing for the customers.  In addition, the insurance companies are loving the idea and are onboard as well.  What a great way to reinvigorate your leasing program!  

Best wishes for the remainder of 2016.