Banclease can offer you a comprehensive turnkey leasing program proven to work in a community bank like yours. We know, because it works in our own community bank.

Banclease program features include:

  • Comprehensive sales training
  • Complete documentation
  • Complete software and training
  • Sample policy
  • Telephone support system
  • Operating manual
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Sales & Marketing kit

Comprehensive Sales Training
Complete sales training at your facility allows your staff to learn the lease program in your environment where they are most comfortable. Many bankers have excellent technical skills, but can use help with their sales skills. Our training creates a “sales culture” that leads to increased revenue. We show you how to maximize the earning potential of leasing. Such things as: how to quote leases, how to build in origination fees, life insurance, determining prepayment residuals, etc. You’ll learn from our staff of professionals who have extensive experience helping community banks profitably market leasing. Some of the tools we provide include: educational brochures, marketing outline, factor sheets, specialized letters for direct mail campaign, and more.

Remember, this training is conducted by bankers who use the Banclease software on the job every day – they really understand the software and, just as important, how to close the deal on new leases.

We will provide personal training for your staff. Schedule your class by email or by phone at 

Complete Software and Training
You will receive software for quoting and disclosing your leases. Your staff will receive training to use the software.

Banclease comes complete with the documents and federal regulations you need to write commercial, agricultural, municipal, and consumer leases. Our software lets you instantly print necessary document forms.

Telephone Support System
You can call us toll-free at 1-800-530-5327, Monday through Friday to answer any questions you may have. Our legal and accounting staff also is available to consult with your staff.

Operating Manual
Our manual addresses such matters as: accounting considerations, answers to commonly asked questions, and other training and sales aids.

Sample Policy
You will receive a sample policy that can be customized for your individual market. This policy has been scrutinized by our examiners and is used by our bank.

Test Drive the Software Before Buying
The fee for the software and training is $8,250, all-inclusive. We receive nothing from your lease portfolio. After an initial deposit of $2,500, we will come to your bank for on-site training. If you like what you see, pay the balance of $5,750 and start adding leases to your portfolio. Should you decide at this point that our software isn’t right for you, just let us know and we will promptly refund your $2,500 deposit.

Work With a Company That Understands You
With Banclease, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re dealing with another community banker that has made this program work. We can talk about front-line experiences, day-to-day problems and solutions in a dialogue that we all understand. If your bank is looking for a successful product to add to your credit portfolio, consider Banclease. 

Contact us for additional information online or by phone at 1-800-530-5327.