What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “We were extremely pleased with all the support we received from your entire BancLease staff. I would highly recommend that all existing BancLease users consider a meeting and capitalize on your staff’s knowledge to increase customer and prospect awareness on the possibilities of leasing.”

    Alan Karcher, Regional President, Carrollton Bank, Jerseyville, Illinois
  • “These have been much like mortgages for us, we want to offer it if the customer needs it. But now we have made a decision to push the lease a little more than we have in the past. We want to expand that program.”

    Lynn Stofferahan, Vice President, F&M Bank, West Point, Nebraska
  • “We paid for the training we received from Banclease with that one deal.”

    Greg Deim, Vice President, Esthersville, Iowa
  • “We are now at $1,000,000 in leases before our first anniversary, even with competition from neighboring banks. It has been a successful program in our $40,000,000 bank.”

    John J. Fell, Vice President, Citizens State Bank, Shipmen, Illinois

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